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The Muse Academy offers a safe environment in which students can enjoy their learning experience while their skills, development and individual growth are constantly nurtured. We provide training of the highest standard in order to develop a student’s confidence, self esteem, social skills and talents. Our classes are limited to 10 pupils per teacher to ensure each child receives individual attention. Whether for articulation disorders, fitness or fun we have classes for you

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Our Teachers

  Niamh Byrne ALCM.TD, RAD CBTS began Speech and Drama at age 4. In her 15 years years with Leixlip Youth Theatre. Niamh achieved all grades with the Royal Irish Academy of Music, receiving outstanding results in each. She continued on to be awarded a distinction in her Senior Certificate. Following this, Niamh studied theatre studies at ICFE and proceeded to study Speech and Drama
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Articulation Disorders

An articulation disorder is when a child makes sounds, syllables and words incorrectly. The most common articulation disorders found in children are omission, substitution and distortions. Omission is leaving something out. An example of speech omission is saying ‘oo’ for shoe or ‘at’ for cat. Substitution is putting something where something else belongs. An example of speech substitution is the use of the ‘W’
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Individual Classes

Individual classes are the most effective method for students to improve their articulation and greatly increase their confidence .This is due to the fact that private classes have several advantages over the traditional classroom environment including the following: – Individual attention Many students flourish under one-to-one attention. With individual classes, the student does not have to compete for the teacher’s attention or feel self
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